Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    Wedding Inspiration: A Sunny Tabletop

    With only a few weeks to go till my own wedding this August, I'm frantically trying to scurry around to sort out lots of little details. And, of course, as luck would have it suddenly I'm second guessing all the plans I'd made months ago. One detail I haven't been able to finalize are table tops for the reception. I love the idea of using decorations that can re-purposed and possibly used around the house later on. We only have eight tables, so I am hoping to have a central theme but with each table being unique.

    I loved this bright, sunny tabletop on OnceWed by Chelsea of Oh My Deer. Very eclectic and charming. I adore the light fluttering petals of this DIY wonder mobile simply strung together with fishing line.

    The multiple vases could easily be used later - and I love this group of small informal blooms vs. a large ostentatious arrangement. We are having a cocktail reception so it is a rather informal affair, I think this style would be a good fit for the tone of the event.

    I love the idea of little thank you cards at each seat rather than place cards (always mind your manners!) The lemon wedges are a clever little accent that carries through the colour theme.

    Isn't this clever? - old books glued shut then spray painted white serve as props for this tablescape. I love that my favourite little white Ikea vases have been used in this design. And I don't think that anyone would complain about lovely colour themed candy being used in the centre piece. The only danger would be that I might eat them all before we even get started.

    Have you seen any fun eclectic centre pieces lately? What do you think of having each table different from each other - will it make life a little easier or more difficult?

    {PS - thanks again for all your input! Your comments on balloons earlier were such a big help!}

    {All photos:OnceWed}



    i love your eclectic table top idea! another website/blog that is a great resource (unless you already know about it :) is 100 layer cake. i'm not getting married any time soon, but i adore visiting it for design inspiration and just plain ol' great ideas. to to or if you have trouble with that link there is a link on my blog under blogs i love! they feature many weddings and usually super creative ones :)


    Oh my! I have those exact little yellow flowers in a little vase like that in my bathroom right now... so weird, lol. Love this post!


    This idea is beautiful... but I think every table can be unique too. I love the idea of having beatiful clear vases with a striking beta fish in the center, and then the little fish can go home with someone as a memento of your wedding!


    I love the idea of the white vases, yellow and white mums, fresh lemons, and lemon drop candies. The wedding cake could be lemon or lemon cupcakes. Love it.


    love this!!! for big impact, i think keeping all the tables the same. maybe change flowers or candy, but stay with the same color on all of the tables. i think white with one other color is always a success!


    ya I love yellow, bright and cheerful..
    btw, congratz to you for ur wedding soon.. prepare anything well.. :))


    Very happy palette... cheerful and full of energy...


    Avante Garde - 100 layer cake is a wonderful source! Definitely one of my favourites - so glad you think so too!
    Daniella - great minds...
    {I have that little vase too!}
    SR - what clever ideas to tie everything together! - and one of my very favourite flavours - lemon :)
    Liana - I completely agree. I love having them all different but having a unifying theme eg colour
    Heny - thank you so much!