Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    All in white

    Do you ever find those amazing articles that leave you thinking of them for years to come? That's how I felt about this beautiful space which I was happily reunited with recently. I remember being so in love with this space when I first saw it years ago - it's clean open design, and of course, all white interiors with a strong focus on mid-century modern design drew me in right away.

    Find your favourite things and build a space around it. Make-up artist Kate Best has created a tranquil retreat seemingly inspired by her most favourite things - her four weimaraners, clean, neutral palettes and mid-century design. Weimaraners have always been one of my favourite breeds - I love their sleek look and pale slate shade that almost looks like it has a light coating of powdery icing sugar on top.

    Kate's four weimaraners - Uma, William, Finn and Molly-Pickle nestle up on a while leather Florance Knoll sofa. The beautiful acrylic painting above is by Kate herself.

    Two Barcelona chairs in 'a puppy shade' of taupe suede are a sleek additions to the compact living area. A warm wooden credenza supports an oversized portrait of one of the apartment's inhabitants. Floating bubble lights from George Nelson hang in the corner.

    Very clean open birch shelves host Kate's beautiful collection of art glass from
    the 50's, 60's and 70's.

    Kate re-enamelled the entire bathroom in a clean white to achieve an ultra sleek look. A plush sheep skin provides a warm contrast to the cold metal mesh Diamond chair by Bertoia.

    Two sheepskins sewn together soften the sleek lines in the bedroom where another bubble light fixture floats. Above the bed is another striking acrylic painting by Kate. Her influence from calm Eastern design is apparent through her use of Asian sculptures and artifacts, carefully displayed in small vignettes throughout the home.

    The kitchen is kept clinically sleek and clean - all white and stainless - but of course with a little mid-century panache thrown in.

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    Smooth unglazed pottery by Jonathan Adler provide a contrast to the concrete topped windowsills that run throughout the apartment, naturally all in white.

    {All images from: Canadian House and Home September 2002, Photos by George Whiteside,
    Styling by Suzanne Dimma. Images have been scanned + edited by A Life More Fabulous.
    A big thank you! to Philip for the archives}



    White always wins my heart! Tranquility is what we all need after all! Beautiful pictures and descriptions. I love the kitch especially the bar-stool-chairs and the sheepskin done bed. And this style looks easy to achieve as well! Pretty! xo


    How lovely ! Anything white is good for me! Those puppies are adorable too... aw.


    I remember being inspired by this article as well...and it was the reason I got the weimaraner question on Jeapardy the other day! Who could forget those gorgeous dogs. Thank you for the memory.~Tara


    this is chillingly spot on. literally. i literally got the chills.

    xox *cara*


    Some people have it, they simply do.

    Great style, fantastic images.

    Thanks :)


    I am a real sucker for anything involving dogs. Thanks for the post!


    beautiful! I love the white, it's so soothing and calm!


    Love those Barcelona chairs!


    Such a lovely space! Those dogs are adorable xx