Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    Fresh in White + Colour

    I've never posted back to back on one firm, but I'm just so taken with Pamplemousse Design at the moment that I can't resist sharing another favourite space.

    This light filled space is so open and airy. All white (of course), with shots of warm wood and bright colour. It just feels so fresh and invigorating to me.
    (Perfect remedy for any winter doldrums...)

    I especially love their incorporation of several pieces of sculpture into the space. This is something I'm trying to collect myself, and I often feel is a really neglected
    form of art in the home.

    Sometimes bright open spaces can be a little daunting and leave you feeling over exposed. But here there are warm, cozy corners to curl up in. Plush carpets, deep sofas with faux fur throws just invite you to cuddle in.

    Of course, this room had me at the pink peonies. All white with a dramatic yet simple sculpture in natural wood. I love the soft touches of soft sea green in the stone coffee table and dressing screen. A relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.



    this top room is beautiful. i really want to sit in there. the only bad thing, that window & beautiful sunlight... death if you're crashing on the couch w/ a hangover. haha, but i guess ill just need to build a home theatre to recover in!



    I was not familiar with this firm. their work is so fresh and young, very uplifting...
    thanks for the introduction,


    These are the most amazing spaces. I love all the sculpture and classic details. I'm in love!


    Spanky - I'm sure we can find some dark corner for you to curl up in (with asprin :) )

    Francine and Aphrochic - so glad you love them too, as you can tell, I'm a little besotted...