Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    A Black and White Penthouse

    As you can probably tell by now, I always come back to chic black and white decor. Something about the combination just completely timeless. I think this elegant penthouse by Pamplemousse Design Inc could stay exactly the same and I'd love it just as much ten years from now.

    The warm, rich rug stands out against the simple black and white tiles.
    This home is classically elegant from first glance.

    Bold art can be found througout the home - it jumps out from the neutral palette and very classically styled furniture and grabs your attention right away.

    A black and white kitchen with a polka dotted floor - completely sleek but a little playful.

    What's not to love - all white upholstered pieces and walls, dark chevron wood floors. Rich woods and metallic accents, and bright colourful art.

    Talk about a room with a view - with soaring ceilings and binoculars on hand to take in the breath taking view.

    Just as amazing from the outside - gorgeous classic architectural details. Can you spot the chandelier from the photo above through the window?

    {All photos: PamplemousseDesign Inc. first discovered through a favourite blog, AubreyRoad}



    What an incredible penthouse! I think I like the outside more than the inside, could you imagine if that were your home?


    I absolutely love this, even though I could never maintain the gleaming perfection.


    Gorgeous- the second to last photo is amazing! Love the chairs and colorful art.


    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! So many elements I love!


    What an amazing place! Those windows - especially seen from the outside!
    The opening image is fantastic - love that hallway.

    Nice find - thanks for sharing.


    I love these pictures! And I'm loving your blog!! This is my first visit to your site and it definately won't be my last!!



    Thanks Slumber Party - I hope you'll be back :)

    Definitely agree with all of you - can't decide whether I'd rather live outside or in...


    OMG GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ianny said...

    It never goes out of style, does it? Black and white is truly evergreen (no pun intended).

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