Monday, January 18, 2010

    A perfect apartment

    We are in the midst of apartment hunting and have just begun our search for the perfect space. While we are contemplating moving to a new neighborhood, I think I might have to move to an entirely new country after seeing this beautiful Swedish apartment. It really is a testament to understated luxury and glamour. Kept clean and neutral with all white interiors with small black accents thrown in here and there. This has become my inspiration for the next space I call home.


    Of course this place was blessed with 'good bones' - beautiful architectural features, high ceilings, bleached wood floors and an open lay out. The clever couple who lived here obviously knew the secret - just keep it really simple and let the features shine.


    When you really look, this space isn't huge - just carefully edited and laid out. Rather than fill a space with lots of furniture, keeping it rather minimal makes it look airy and expansive.
    (Perfect for my furniture budget!)



    I've been stuck on the idea of an office space, but this little console is just big enough for a laptop...


    All in the details - a little chandelier makes a very minimal bedroom oh so romantic!


    An organized walk in closet with lots of shelving and storage would definitely
    help start mornings off right.


    I love that there are little splashes of green throughout the home, this little topiary adds a little zen to a rather neutral bathroom.


    Oh, the stylist knew me well, as if the space weren't perfect enough, they even set croissants out on the table!


    All white floors and walls makes the smallest entrance seem open and welcoming.


    A place to hang your trapper hat and shrug off your Hunter boots and call home.


    A sweeping staircase in an historic building with plenty of charm to spare...
    I'm in love.

    {Photos: Alvhem via thisisglamorous and Designfragment}


    Shannon Echlin said...

    Just look at that fireplace. Perfection.

    Cafe Fashionista said...

    The floors are my favorite - I love the rustic ambiance created by the wood paneled flooring!! :)


    Oh all that white... Love it. And the fireplace is just amazing.


    The fireplace was my favourite too! :)


    Oh I'm in love...what's not to love....even the doors are divine.


    What a perfect space, I love the staircase!
    I'm passing on a blog award to you!

    Splendid Willow said...

    Nope! I am sorry, that is my place!!! (: One of these days we are hoping to get a second home in good old Sweden. My husband will often find me drooling over lovely apartments such as this on-line and apparently I even talk about them in my sleep! What is not to talk about! Happy week, friend. Mon


    This is real estate heaven, no doubt about.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous images, this is headed for my inspiration file. Man, it's good!!



    What a gorgeous abode! Would love to have that walk in closet.


    this is just gorgeous ~ thanks for the inspiration to stick with my intuition and go with light colors in our new space ~ I can't wait to decorate!

    Anonymous said...

    If you find an apartment like this then I may move in too!! I love your line about the place having "good bones"... you're writing enhances the images because it is also visual. By the way, I'm loving the new "Escapade" image!


    beautiful. I love the floor!


    this is my dream apartment, i love it. but mine needs a tiny bit of red!