Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    The Darlington Apartment

    It's been quite a while since I first saw this photo (below) of this perfect little entrance vignette and instantly fell in love. Simple, modern and full of carefully selected little details - the fashion books, the casually leaned art, the black tassle key chain on a glass paneled door and of course - the most adorable little pair of red rubber ballet flats... oh, I could go on! But needless to say, I was happy to come across the rest of this beautiful space, and thrilled to see that the rest of the apartment was just as nice.

    An all-white space with lots of natural touches - hard wood flooring, sea grass rugs and wood furniture and picture frames. Strong natural elements have such a grounding force, I find it gives a much more relaxed atmosphere and instantly lets you unwind.

    The home has a strong focus on mid-century modern, but the relaxed furniture and organic textures give it a modern boost and stop it from looking too stylized.

    I love the blood orange colour of these bentwood chairs against a naturaly pine table, combined with an oversized blackboard and quirky overhead lighting = so much fun!

    Oh, so zen - this beautiful kimono is like a work of art hung on a clean white wardrobe.

    And of course, like every perfect apartment, it happens to have the perfect outdoor space. I'd happily spend hours reading out here in the warm afternoon sun. The trumpeted moonflowers hang overhead - a favourite of mine, we had them in our backyard growing up.

    Like this beautiful space, I think it's also quite important to point out that these 'perfect apartments' are not lavish or overly extravagant. Just simply presented and carefully edited - also a big statement to how beautiful things are against a simple white backdrop.

    {Photos:Arent & Pyke. 'The Darlington apartment' in Sydney, Australia was designed by Arent & Pyke, and
    won the Best of State Residential Design Awards in 2009. Don't you love the name?


    オテモヤン said...
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    I would agree, the first photo is very appealing, yet simple and not overwhelming. The pine dining table - my favorite - love the stout legs.
    Wonderful point about simplicity. I believe quality is truly what should be strived for, as long as someone is staying true to their inner style/voice, it will always be beautiful.
    Here's a grand Tuesday!


    What a great sight to meet when walking into a home!


    Love the art work! Nice post!


    these rooms are beautiful! i just saved quite a few to my inspiration folder. GREAT post :)

    Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

    Love everything about this house (def. my type of decor!)


    What a great place! I'm so glad you shared...

    There are indeed many interesting details throughout. I recognize the first image, but it's nice to have a walk-through. This home is so unique in the arrangement of items and vignettes. The uniqueness makes it a home and not a showhome. I can't get over the fun lighting!

    I hope you have a great day*


    Just beautifully put together, wouldn't that last be a lovely spot to unwind!


    I love the armoire/wardrobe.


    SL - I love what you said about making a space your own - too true! Hope you've had the most wonderful week so far!

    DJA - that's exactly what drew me in to this cozy little spot in the sun...

    SK - you're very right, it's the little personal details that add personality to a space and make it a home.

    DD - me too :) - hopefully we get to put them to use soon enough!

    So glad you enjoyed the space as much as I did!



    so much gorgeous art work in this space. i really like the giant chalkboard too. makes me want to draw a picture on it :)

    Shilo said...

    Stripes! Yes!