Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    At home in Montauk with Vicente Wolf

    I was excited yesterday morning to tuck into a brand new issue of Lonny magazine as I enjoyed my morning tea. My excitement grew as I looked at the index and saw a photograph of a space whose style was unmistakably that of my own design hero, Vicente Wolf. As someone who shares his passion for travel and exploring the world, and has managed to accumulate their fair share or art and treasures (in my case, most notably African), I've always been so inspired by the way he integrates these pieces into his spaces. Rather than appearing forced or curio-esque, they have a thoughtfully curated but very natural feeling to them. A relaxed elegance and a quiet confidence that I find so appealing.

    Sophisticated yet organic, smooth and streamlined juxtaposed with rough and rustic. There's something that just feels natural and unforced about the way he pulls pieces together.

    I love the deeply peaceful feeling that this small vignette lends. That's one of the things I love most about Vicente's signature style - there are always lots of interesting objects that tell a story or create an atmosphere but the space never feels cluttered or over done. There's a sense of openness and calm that he creates.

    I've always loved Vicente's casual and "easy to rearrange" approach to displaying art. Choosing to lean frames on shelves or even chairs rather than have them hung on the wall. It's this relaxed, casual air that makes Vicente's spaces always seem so approachable and inviting.

    Vicente designed his sleigh bed to resemble a gondola, "I love this idea that when you're asleep you're in a boat that transports you to a different place," he says.

    Vicente had white slip covers made for all the furniture so that it would have "a soft, dream-like quality." The look is casual and not too precious, despite the all white upholstery.

    "I bring these [travel] experiences inside," he says, "whether by using the colours of the Savannah in Africa or the fabrics worn by the Masai tribe in Kenya."

    I love Vicente's approach towards the objects he surrounds himself, each of them remind him of places he's been, people he's met, his past and ways of life different from his own. "People get left behind by being caught in certain moments. Going other places makes you realize that what this society believes is the mark of success is not the mark. These objects make me grateful for what I have. They give me appreciation and peace of mind."*

    Vicente's third book, 'Lifting the Curtain on Design' arrives in stores in October.

    {Photos: of Vicente Wolf's Montauk home, by Patrick Cline for Aug/Sept Lonny magazine; *quote from interview with Vicente in NY Daily News}



    I wan t a gondola inspired bed! Awesome home with awesome words of creativity and inspiration.

    Vicente Wolf said...

    Thank you for the kind words! What a lovely blog you have.


    Vicente's design work is fabulous!! This shoot just reiterates all we love!

    A New Giveaway is on my site!

    Art by Karena


    I am in love with the light and coolness (is that a word?) of this space!!

    Just starting to follow you, stop Northern Light someday, if you have the time :)

    Northern Light


    Vicente - thank you + I'm just thrilled to see that you stopped by! Always so inspired by your amazing work...

    Karena + Natasha - will be coming by to see you both now, thanks so much for the lovely comments. Hope you're having a great week so far!



    Love this post. The book is now firmly on my wish list.