Friday, August 27, 2010

    Blogger ♥ | MadeByGirl

    Wanted to end the week with a little blogger love for one of my favourite bloggers and one very talented designer - Jen of Made By Girl. I'm so inspired by Jen's passion and drive for her business, not to mention in bright and cheerful graphic prints and designs. You will no doubt recognize her wildly popular 'Love' prints, and one of my favourite new items - the personalized calling cards in a bold chevron print in your choice of colour. So simple but punch alot of punch (and will definitely get people's attention when you hand them out! ;) )

    Be sure to drop by Jen's blog where she always shares the best in bright and colourful design and interiors and of course, her graphic prints on Etsy and in the MadeByGirl shop which you'll want to bookmark. The graphic prints would make a perfect gift idea for a happy couple, a new baby or even a friendly hello to guest in your home.

    {All images: MadeByGirl}



    Ah! I love these!


    Hi Sharalee,
    Thanks so much for mentioning Made by Girl! We'll mention you in an upcoming thank you posting!


    Darling arent they! Hope your weekend is going perfectly well! xx


    Love the simplicity of the design...and all laid out together like that they look like candy! I stumbled over your blog a while back and am just now getting reacquainted...I love the variety of subjects you post on! Looking forward to stopping by more regularly!

    Hope Ava


    Jen is amazing and I adore her pieces:)What a great post! Happy Monday,sweetie