Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Playful pieces by Valentin Loellmann

    Grown together out of old, forgotten pieces of furniture these pieces by Valentin Loellmann are guided by their old forms and shaped into something new that shares a part of their original story in a fresh new light. I think they have a wonderfully whimsical feeling to them - like something you'd see in a Roald Dahl story book, yet still functional enough to be taken seriously. A scuptural art piece - with storage.

    Definitely a very fun conversation piece!

    {All photos: Valentin Loellmann}



    Really love the table...I so agree...It would be a great conversation piece...Happy Tuesday,sweetie


    I can say they are very interesting to look at, and a conversation starter for sure. What else could anyone talk about with these in a room?


    Ha! I love that last one with all those legs. I mean, why stop at four legs when you can fit more?


    Those are so unique! Remind me of art paintings!