Monday, December 14, 2009

    A Fabulous Wishlist... The Kid's List

    Nothing beats the feeling of handing over the perfect gift - that eager anticipation to see their delighted face as they open the gift you so carefully chose.
    To help you get a few more of those excited 'Thank you's!', we're showing off some of our favourite picks - with a focus on independent and local businesses (and with lots of links for those of you not lucky enough to live in Toronto :) )

    A little perplexed at the task of buying presents for little ones, I've enlisted the help of an especially kid-savvy friend, Toronto child photographer Shannon Echlin. Of course I cannot escape the obvious suggestion that a session with Shannon would be the perfect gift for anyone with children - the opportunity to so beautifully those moments you never want to forget!
    Check out Shannon's portfolio here.

    A fun favourite - Fancy Pants Kids (it's just so fun to say!) - offers fantastical dress-up outfits to keep them busy indoors on a cold winter day - perhaps you'll even get your own private home theatre production out of the deal. Made by a Toronto mum with a background in theatre with a goal to inspire imaginative play. These are exactly the type of dress-up clothes you wished you had in your trunk growing up.

    Beautifully detailed with fine fabrics, clean lines with a hint of whimsy. Patouche is made by a Toronto mum who got started with a desire to make brand-free, playful clothing for her own little ones. This season's collection is inspired by Little Red Riding hood's wander through the woods and Treasure Island. My favourites included the red riding cape and these lovely little tailored wool coats.

    For Canadians wanting to send gifts to little ones abroad, or simply feeling a little patriotic can show off Canadian wildlife with these adorable little onesies and plush pillows from Bookhou.
    (That's not all you'll find there - see fantastic furniture,
    home accessories and art for grown-ups too!)

    I love this. No matter how many plush toys you may have, there is definitely always room for one more from Stitchface. Not just for kids, no doubt they'd smitten anyone with an appetite for the adorable. Handmade by Toronto based crafter, Danielle from recycled and reclaimed materials, these charming and demure little creatures will instantly carve out a little home in your heart and beg to come home with you...
    ( I think the little pink bunny belongs with me...)

    {Photos: 1,2 - ShannonEchlinPhotography, 3,4 - FancyPantsKids, 5,6 Patouche, 7-9 Bookhou, 10-12 Stitchface}


    Splendid Willow said...

    Terrific list with not the same old, same old (+ I so try to avoid anything with plastic). No, the pink bunny belongs to me! (: What an adorable face! Happy week! Ox Monika


    such a cute post and lots of great ideas. my favorites are definitely the candanian wildlife pillows (i think i need one for myself).


    Those pictures are gorgeous! Love the moose onesie.


    Love the plaid toy -- that is too sweet :)

    Melissa B said...

    I love these! They are so cute!


    The little dino costumes are so cute! And so inventive - kids would love these.


    This little Rabbit - the last one... is so sweet. Thank you for sharing :)

    Great selection :)



    SF - I think the dino costumes would be so much fun for little ones (almost wish I had some to give them to!)
    Raru- the rabbit was my favourite too :)