Monday, December 7, 2009

    A pink Christmas

    Still haven't got started with my holiday decorating, but have been having so much fun thinking of creative ideas. While I love the traditional side of Christmas and the comfort and permanency it brings, I do love the idea of personalising your holiday decor and having it really reflect you and your own tastes. Ultimately, a celebration of life, love and light has no colour restrictions, so why not by-pass convention and celebrate in whatever shade mades you feel happy and bright!

    While my natural inclination is for natural and metallic tones mixed with whites, the girly-girl in me is a little besotted with the idea of a Christmas in shades of pink mixed with gold or grey. Warm, cheery and definitely fun no doubt you'd have the party chatting in no time - while you're at it, why not dress in your favourite shade and be colour coordinated with your holiday decor?
    (Just adore the gold sequinned dress above - truthfully, this Blueprint cover inspired the entire post!)

    If Barbie had a Christmas tree it may look like this - 'all girl' with and adorned with high heels, feathers, and lots of fluffy girly fun.

    While initially, a pink Christmas may seem a little tacky or in poor taste - this lovely serene spread shows how elegant and sophisticated it can be.

    A perfectly easy way to add a shot of pink - pink wrapping paper. Easy to find, and in any shade imaginable, inserts a little feminine glamour into an all white or neutral Christmas.
    (Look above! Love the paper stars as holiday decor)

    This gorgeous DIY idea would set your home aglow, no doubt you'd be wanting to keep this up long after the holidays. Easy to make with a simple canvas, your favourite shade of paint, and a string of white lights.

    Whether it's an all pink tree or simple rose hued glassware, a hint of pink is a great start to a perfectly pretty holiday.

    {Photos: 1-Blueprint (editedbyALifeMoreFabulous),2-, 3,5- Blueprint, Dec'07viaMoodboard+a previouspost,
    4-Channel4, 6- Home&GardenUK Dec'09 viaMoodboard edited by ALifeMoreFabulous}



    I have seen similar it!


    those stars over the bed add such a sweet touch!

    Connie at Sogni e Sorrisi said...

    Love the pink Christmas, although I doubt my husband would have similar ideas. lol


    Connie - totally agree, I think I had to have my fun with this post, as I doubt I'd be able to get away with it at home :)


    Gorgeous post! Love pink christmas trees - the one in the first pic is sooo pinkaliciously magnificent!


    That Domino cover is one of my favorite magazine covers ever. It's so bright and optimistic!


    I love these! I actually scanned the images from Blueprint -- that is such a lovely spread. I honestly think it's one of their prettiest ever! Also, I really really like the last image. What a cozy look.

    Lovely post. Pink can be so sweet :)

    p.s thank you so much for your comment. You are such a kind person.


    What a great collection of photos. Love the range from tiny accents to a full on pink tree. Fantastic, and I'm not even a "pink girl."