Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    The holidays in black + white

    I had to, of course, return to my favourite colour combination of all. I was so inspired by this clean and modern, yet surprisingly warm space found at Moodboard (she always has the best scanned archives!). Simple un-fussy details make this space peaceful and calming - and easy to transition to the holidays and beyond!

    Lots of sparkle with tea lights and twinkling fairy lights everywhere! Love the soaring ceilings in this space, with simple artwork leaned up against the low white console.

    Another easy Christmas tree alternative - definitely delivers all the sparkle, but not still not sure I can part with the delicious scent of fresh pine.

    Really love all the plush textures that keep the space from looking cold. This glowing little fireplace setup may just be the perfect solution for my non-working fireplace mantle.
    A cozy rug and some throw pillows (+ wine!) would make for a lovely romantic evening by 'the fireside'.

    Love this simple and stunning wrapping paper called 'Diamonds and Stars' - I think it would make whatever's inside a little more lovely!As apparently it's almost impossible to find, I thought I'd include a lovely black and white wrapping alternative for the holidays or whenever - and immediately available with these fantastic downloadable templates from Blueprint magazine. Get them here and just print them out from wherever you are!
    (Thank you Martha!)

    {Photos: 1-4 Photographer Craig Knowles for Elle Decoration, Dec '02, via Moodboard, 5- Blueprint Nov/Dec '07 at Martha Stewart}



    This is so pretty! I couldn't live without color, personally, but I love to look at pretty spaces such as this in black + white. I adore the wrapping style of the last image -- how glam is that? Beautiful.


    Sogni e Sorrisi said...

    Black and white is such a classic, elegant colour combo. I would really love to my bedroom black but I have to work on convincing my husband first.


    That fireplace is brilliant, it's so simple but this would be perfect for my place.. I mean there's nothing like a real fire but my fireplace is one of those that is uaully thought of as too much work and hardly ever burning. Especially due to my lack of knowledge on how to properly function it haha. I'm really thinking of doing this simple alternative =) Thanks for sharing!


    S e S I think a black bedroom could be quite a sultry option. Perhaps start by just painting the wall behind your headboard.

    SK - I know, I'm planning on printing some off to cover my file folders too!

    Lucy - I'd love to hear what other ideas you have as well.


    adore moodboard and that paper, of course, which have been searching for still...